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Helping brands anticipate and navigate change. We do more than envision the future; we help build it. Digital is no more about a great website, social presence or app but an omnichannel platform for brands and businesses to approach the audience holistically.


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eigital helps brands anticipate and navigate change. We do more than envision the future; we help build it. Digital is no more about a great website, social presence or app but an omnichannel platform for brands and businesses to approach the audience holistically.

In today’s platform world, the end user demands a fully digital experience – where digital is “at the core” rather than an “extension” or “bolt-on” and eigital is purpose-built to address the digital business transformation imperative, with a core belief that success comes at the intersection of company and customer.

Pioneering a new way of working with brands, driven by a connected group of deep specialists and enabled by a specifically designed culture to foster platform behaviours – open, configurable, quick.

Our core team has been in the digital business since 1994, having witnessed the steady digitisation process from a simple website to SaaS, social media engines and business as a platform.

We take pride in thinking out-of-the-box. A brand-strategy expert at eigital isn’t reciting verses out of a management rulebook; a designer is an artist and a programmer an e-architect thereby fostering a spirit of creative freedom so our team can empower businesses with digital solutions most suited to their needs.

Today, we enjoy a thriving presence in Los Angeles, Dubai, New Delhi, Warsaw, Lima and have acclimatised our perspective on various corporate climates. Our expansive client list features stalwarts, blue chips and startups all of which get the same attention from our awesome team.

Our philosophy is simple: if you are on board with us, we are ‘one team’, and together we shall create for good and recreate for the better. From complex Platforms to Mobile APP’s, Ai, Neural Networks and Blockchain,

We are not just a digital agency that answers a brief but a Partner that lead brands of the future.

We make real things
We love what we do
we deliver right on time
We know a secret
Our “One Team” approach works proactively on ideas generation with a “Can DO” culture focused on delivery and our processes help integrate business goals with online strategy to build online aware and active brands.


  • Initial scope meeting
  • Define Requirements
  • Project Initiaion Document


  • Audit
  • Desk research
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Analysis & interim presentation
  • Research & external research
  • Online survey
  • Analysis & development of digital strategy


  • Strategy research & analysis
  • Business needs & user requirements
  • Brand requirements
  • User Journey
  • Structure charts
  • User flow
  • Wireframes
  • Functional specs


  • Web strategy
  • Information architecture
  • Brand guideline
  • Development of imagery mood boards
  • Creation of initial screen designs
  • User testing of initial screen designs
  • Creation of all final screen designs
  • Creation of all visual assets: Video, Graphics, Flash, etc.
  • Creation of build guideline


  • Understanding of WC3 and responsive standards
  • Adherence WC3 for everything we build
  • Information Architecture standards
  • Responsive, Mobile and CMS implementation


  • Interactive development cycle
  • Development/Requirement Analysis
  • Test case scenarios
  • Based on acceptance criteria, application certified release-ready
  • User acceptance testing
  • Application deployment


  • Usability by user & task analysis
  • End-user testing
  • 1-2-1 testing of wireframes (paper prototypes)
  • Brand and usability testing
  • Interface designs testing
  • Stress testing
  • Approval
  • Go Live

We seek troublemakers who are aliens to the aspect of limitation. We know no boundaries and we look for rebels who can think outside the box. Congenial media, creative thinking and design. We seek the round pegs in the square holes, the ones who see things differently, who are diverse, quirky, fun, intelligent and hard-working when needed.

Write to us, Introduce yourself!

BML University
DubaiCity – Everything UAE
ePaisa – enabling commerce
Hero Corp.
Kawasaki Motorcycles – India
mVakil – Case Tracking Simplified
Amira Nature Foods (NYSE)
usability & design 50%
Programming 75%
testing 44%
databases 65%

We work less and play more but always available for our partners.

where to find us

Coffee shops, design events, geeky corners, co-working spaces and surfing spots of Los Angeles, Mumbai, New Delhi and Dubai.

Alternatively, drop us a line @ letstalk(at)eigital.com